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We are family and we'll help you win!

Real estate agents may find themselves struggling without enough support or lack the systems and training needed to succeed. With 87% of agents quitting in the first few years, finding the right place with lead generation, dedicated trainers and comprehensive resources can make a difference.


Joining a teamerage like Expert Real Estate Partners gives agents access to over $650,000 of lead generation and revenue share opportunities while fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and success.


Why Us?

We Are Family. We are a Tribe. We want to see those around us succeed as much or more than we do. We care about your success and the journey that you are on. We want to help you achieve and live your dreams. We have all been put on this earth to make a difference. We want to help you to make yours. 



Nominated as Best Real Estate Agency 2019-2020-2021



Productivity & Results

Our agents have some of the highest per agent production in the industry. Our agents average 200% more transactions than the local and national average of homes sold per agent*.

* per MLS and NAR stats


Learn from the best

Real estate coaching is essential to the success of any new real estate agent. Without it, the journey to becoming a successful real estate professional can seem overwhelming and intimidating. That’s why having access to industry-leading professionals who are experienced in all aspects of real estate can mean the difference between success and failure. Real estate coaching can provide an array of benefits to new agents including: education on current trends and market conditions, assistance with developing sales strategies, advice on marketing plans, support during difficult negotiations, and guidance on how best to develop relationships with clients. Having an experienced real estate coach is invaluable for any new agent. It allows them the opportunity to learn from the mistakes made by other agents and provides guidance on how to go about getting ahead in such a competitive field. A good coach will be able to draw on their own experiences when giving advice and make modifications or additions based upon their observations so that the student can benefit from their knowledge as well as their wisdom. One key area where real estate coaches excel is that of networking and lead generation; they understand how important it is for agents to build relationships within their local community in order for them to get noticed by prospective clients. They will also be able to provide insight into which resources are available in order for agents to maximize their time more efficiently when searching for potential buyers or sellers. Real estate coaches don’t just stop at providing tips either; they also act as mentors throughout the entire process by encouraging agents while they learn and grow in this industry. This type of support gives agents a sense of belonging as well as assurance that someone will be there if they ever have questions or need help along the way. The value of having access to a good real estate coach cannot be underestimated; they provide new agents with direction while teaching them key skills that are necessary in order for them become successful in this profession – something that may not be achievable without their input or support. With a good coach behind you, any new agent has the potential not only survive but thrive in this exciting industry! . In summary, real estate coaching is an invaluable resource for any new agent and should be taken advantage of by anyone looking to launch a career in this lucrative field. With experienced guidance, agents can learn the necessary skills required to succeed while still having access to valuable advice and support when they need it most. With a good coach on your side, nothing is out of reach!

one of the Fastest-Growing  Brokerages in northeast wisconsin

Top 10 in Units Sold - Fox Valley

Top 20 in Units Sold in Northeast Wisconsin

Over 2900 Homes Sold


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  • We help you build your business by providing you with lead opportunities that other companies won't do.

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